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All About ATV Lift Kits

Stage 1 ATV lift kits that add 2-3 inches of lift are not very expensive, less than $200, and aren't very difficult to install.  Once you cross the 3" threshold the price skyrockets ($1000's range).  The main reason for adding the two inches is because it will allow you to add oversize tires without rubbing the fenders when turning.  Adding large tires also increases your clearance, so you can end up with five or more inches of height increase.

Top 10 ATV Mods for Mudders

In this guide we'll cover 10 after-market modifications that you should consider adding to your ATV to get you through the mud and water holes you normally avoid.  A stock ATV can do a lot, but it can do a lot more with a few modifications.  The mods listed here are based on mud and water performance, engine performance mods are covered in other posts.

Carburetor Jetting

This guide explains what Carburetor Jetting is, when it should/can be done, buying options, and provides an overview of how to install a ATV Carburetor Jet Kit.  This guide is generic in nature and can not be used as a replacement for the manufacturers instructions when installing a jet kit.

How To Snorkel an ATV

This guide covers the basics of snorkeling a four wheeler, and provides links to model-specific guides and to snorkel kit manufacturers.  The purpose of a snorkel is to allow the ATV to be submerged in deeper water than is allowed by the stock configuration. The snorkel does this by elevating the position of ALL of the intake/breather hoses. 


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